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#1 Racket against Tennis Elbow

The S-Code enables players who suffer from tennis elbow to play again without exertion. Due to the ergonomic shape and an enlarged sweetspot the strain on the muscles is reduced significantly, preventing tennis elbow.

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    With S-Code your can reach balls at near ground level more effectively. You profit from an improved parallel positioning of the racket to the ground

  • Slice

    Due to the enlarged sweetspot, you have more comfort and control in your backhand swing. The diagonal stringing pattern drastically increases your spin and slice effect, when compared to conventional rackets.

  • Volley

    Whether forehand or backhand volley: the racquet head always stands up properly without you having to adjust the angle with your wrist. This also helps in preventing a tennis elbow.

What People say about the S-Code

  • Tennis Elbow

    "Thank you sooo much, I couldnt play tennis for more than five years, but than I found your Racket. I am using this Racket for 6 Years now and I have no Issues at all!"

    - Jonathan Moster

  • Confidence

    "Due to the S-Code, I can play with way more spin and controll which gives me more confidence"

    - Thomas Emmrich

    (46 Times DDR Champion)

  • Back Pain

    "I was playing tennis at international level for 14 years until my back started to hurt so much that I had to stop. Your racket enables me to play with almost no issues!"

    - Peter Westmak