string The Paradigm S-Code Racket is significantly superior to the traditional racquet in spin generation.

This is achieved by two factors:
Firstly, the S-Code Racket paradigm has a larger sweetspot due to its shape, and secondly, the diagonal ball splitting creates additional friction.

In the case of the conventional racket, the spin is generated via the sweetspots, which can have the maximum width of the tennis racket. The rotation of the head on the Paradigma S-Code racquet significantly lengthens this path, which can generate more spin.

The friction that creates spin in the conventional racquet is primarily provided by the vertical strings of the string. The horizontal stringing, which is parallel to the direction of impact in the top spin or slice, only strikes and produces no additional ball friction - and therefore no spin.

As can be seen in the figure, the horizontal and vertical coverings of the Paradigma S-Code Racket come to full effect through the diagonal balling section, which is diagonal for clothing. This can significantly increase the spin.

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